Research Shows What Is The Most Popular Porn By Race

There are many different popular types of porn online and there are preferences when it comes to race. You will find porn form all different races such as Arab porn, French porn, Asian porn, Japanese porn, and Black porn. Let’s look at some of the trends in porn to see what people are watching.

Black Porn

One of the most popular forms of porn is black porn. You will find many different sites and porn videos that feature black models. Most major sites in the USA feature some type of black porn and you will also find Black porn exclusive sites where the bulk of the porn is back related. This porn tends to be popular with women and black men are seen as being “larger” in the manhood department and this is appealing to many women.

Japanese Porn

Japanese porn is quite popular but it’s more of the cartoon “hentai” style porn that regular Japanese models. Hentai is a very popular form of Japanese porn and it’s mainly watched by men although some women enjoy it as well. There are many sites online where you’ll find great hentai videos and similar content. Manga porn is also quite popular in the Japanese category.

Asian Porn

Asian porn is another popular type of porn which is watched by both men and women. This isn’t the hentai style cartoon porn but regular porn with Asian models. There is a wide variety of sites that offer Asian style porn and you will find many Asian porn models. This porn is popular in both North America as well as overseas. Many men find Asian women very attractive and this is why it’s a huge category of porn. In Asian culture, women are much more likely to want to totally please the man so this is the main reason why it’s popular.

French Porn

French porn is more popular in Europe than in North America although it does have a smaller following in North America. You will find a wide range of French porn sites as well as other Europen porn online. There are also quite a few famous French porn models.

Arab Porn

Arab porn isn’t very popular in North America simply because the demographic of Arabs in the population is still quite small. Arab porn is popular in the Middle East as many places porn is still quite taboo. The category is growing as many men find Middle Easter women to be quite exotic and it’s a change from the same old porn they are used to watching.


Popular Searches


By far the most popular search in terms of race are Ebony or black, Japanese and cartoon porn. These are the most popular search along with standard porn categories such as a threesome, anal, and straight porn.